Gerry from Kessler Crane on Vimeo.

We recently traveled to Austin, Texas to collaborate with Joe Simon, Owner and Creative Director of The Delivery Men. Our goal was to capture the story and art form of engraver, Gerry Beathard.

Behind The Scenes:

Gear Used:
3’ Cineslider
Kessler Second Shooter (Formerly UniDrive)
Pocket Jib
Rev 2 w/ Oracle
Movi M10
DJI Phantom
Canon C300
Canon C100

Special Thanks to Gerry Beathard and his family.

Oliver $ & Jimi Jules - Pushing On (Official Video) from Ian Robertson on Vimeo.

Director: Ian Robertson
Producer - Corin Taylor & Brian Welsh (US)
Executive Producer - Nathan James & Tamsin Glasson (US)
Production Company - Colonel Blimp
DOP - Pablo Berron
1st AD - Travis Knight
Art Director & Stylist - Alexis Johnson
Editor - Peter O’Donovan @ Final Cut London
Colourist - Houmam Abdallah @ ETC
Commissioner - Caroline Clayton

Horde from BRUTUS collective on Vimeo.

Directed by BRVTVS

Thibaud Clergue -
Aurélien Duhayon -
Sébastien Iglesias -
Camille Perrin -

Music by Lionel Flairs for Hit’n’Run -
Sound design by Florian Calmer -
Mixing by Benoit Rault and Florian Calmer

We used LH Auto Rig 1.0 created by Ludovic Habas for the characters’ rigging -
Facial and motorcycles riggings were done by Lucas Morandi -

This project was able to see the light of day thanks to Armand Béraud and Machine Molle, who kindly hosted us for two months -


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Shaped by Time from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

"Shaped by Time" is a time-lapse film that explore the power of nature trough the erosion of the different landscapes shown on the film. During thousands of years, the wind, the eruptions, the rain, the frost and the water of the rivers, have shaped this wonderful landscapes, going beyond the natural and becoming art work of monumental proportions.

For licensing this footage please contact the media department:
Music by Péter Nanasi:

Shot with Sony A99 - Sony A7 and Zeiss lenses by Sony Spain.
Motorized Slider by

If you want to learn how to make time-lapse movies like this, you might want to check my upcoming workshops:


"Shaped by Time" es un corto realizado con la técnica de time-lapse, que explora el poder de la naturaleza a través de la erosión que esta produce en los diferentes paisajes que aparecen en dicha película. Durante miles de años, el viento, las erupciones, la lluvia, las heladas y el agua de los ríos, han dado forma a estos maravillosos paisajes, transcendiendo lo natural, y convirtiéndolos en autenticas obras de arte de proporciones monumentales.